Apex Heart Institute, a Preferred Cardiac Care Center by Foreign Patients

Open-heart surgery was the only cure for a clogged or blocked heart in the earlier days. The procedure was complex, involved a great risk and patients were required to take precautions for quite a long time. The recovery was slow, and the survival rate was low. However, there was a revolution after 80’s with the introduction of angioplasty. The new procedure was simple and fast. The survival rate increased dramatically. With the course of time, Angioplasty became more and more advanced, and another major milestone was achieved with the use of radial artery in the wrist instead of the femoral artery.

It was in the early 1990s the method was first time used in the Netherlands when doctors used the radial artery. This artery gives ready access to the heart. Since the method causes less bleeding, patients recover fast.  The method gains a great popularity in the Europe and Japan. However, there has been a lukewarm response to it in the US.


What does the statistics say?

International surveys and studies have found it as effective as the traditional method with a success ratio of 95 percent. Though the possibility of heart attack or stroke within a month of the procedure is same as the traditional method, the risk of bleeding around the angioplasty entry point is significantly lower. The method is found more effective than the traditional method of treating a person during the heart attack.

Since the patients are not required to lie still after the surgical procedure, radial approach is quite convenient for patients. Studies say that the patients can go home the same day. However, it is not a procedure for all. Experienced doctors look into the possibility of it before carrying out the operation. Experts at Apex have mastered this incredible alternative to standard angioplasty. Being a pioneer in the niche, they carry out it with a great proficiency and accuracy.

Apex Heart Institute is one of the pioneer super specialty cardiac care hospitals in the world where patients get a state-of-the-art treatment and superb care. In the fully-equipped invasive and non-invasive cardiac facilities, patients get classy treatment by the best cardiologists, electro physiologists, and cardiothoracic surgeons. The center has been recognized as one of the supreme ones for all types of invasive and non-invasive cardiac procedures including radial artery surgery.

Many foreigners visit India for inexpensive procedures, including Radial Artery

India is a preferred place for top health procedures, including radial artery surgery. Experts say that inexpensive prices and superior services are the reasons people from the whole world come to India.

Statistics proves that foreign patients save more than 60 percent of the total if they come to India. It includes the additional expenses of traveling and stay. No wonder, India clocks record revenues by medical tourism year on year. The year 2015 figures say that India saved more than 2 Billion USD by serving more than 100,000 patients. The government is keen to explore this new revenue stream further, and it is easing the restrictions and procedures. Many countries are being made visa-free to encourage more people.

Apart from low costs, India is known for excellent medical facilities and trained medical professionals. Still, the medical professional is considered a service in the country and it is not as commercialized as in other developed countries. Tourists from the Europe or the USA do not find any difficulty in India because English is understood by most of the people. Hence, communication is not a problem.

Comparative studies say that not only life-saving procedures such as Heart Bypass, Angioplasty or Heart Valve Replacement but also other procedures such as hip or knee replacement and dental implants are also economical in India. Typically heart bypass costs roughly 100,000$ in the US whereas it can be done in less than 10000$ in India (which is less than Thailand or Singapore). Similarly, Angioplasty costs around 28,000$ in the USA and you can do it in the best Indian hospitals by paying roughly 5000$. Another important heart surgery is the Heart Valve Replacement. In the US, it costs 160,000 USD whereas it can be done in less than 10000 USD in India.

Similarly, all other medical procedures can be done at throwaway prices in India. Some of them cost less than 10 percent of the cost required in the US. No wonder, a big rush is there in the airline offices to book the tickets for India.


Apex Heart Institute significantly contributes to the success of India as one of the best medical tourism centers in the world. Every year, thousands of patients from the USA and Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, and the Africa continent get benefited by the world-class treatment.

With new-age Hospital Management System, things become awfully simple. From patient registration to bed management and from diagnostic reports to claim settlement, everything is available on clicks. Apex stands head and shoulders above others regarding treatment and patient care.

Treatment and Tourism in India, it is a double bonanza

Since patients save greatly on the treatment, they utilize the savings to explore beautiful places in India. The Incredible India opens a plethora of tourism opportunities and multicolored cultures.  Gujarat, Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa, and Uttaranchal are amongst the best places to explore. With world-class accommodation, mind-boggling natural beauty, and great hospitality; India makes every moment of the stay memorable.

Patients, their family members or attendant spend the best holidays in India after recovering from illness. It is an ultimate money-saving bonanza for people of the western countries where medical treatment costs are very high, and it is impossible to think about leisure or vacation after a medical emergency. Patients get recovered physically, but it takes quite a long time to recover economically. On the other hand, India emerges as a good choice.