Apex Hospital is best for Cardiac problem. All Doctors are well experienced and Staff are very well Co-operative. My Brothers Heart Surgery Done This Hospital during Lock Down period and This time He is Healthy. I highly Recommend All patient Who got Heart problem please visit Apex it's a Best Hospital I visit Ever.

Hitendra V

It was very good experience to get treatment with this hospital during pandemic situation. Last month I need to rush my dad to this hospital for treatment regarding heart. One of best team for heart treatment - Dr Tejas Patel and Dr Mehul shah. Entire team of apex hospital works in sync and ensure there is no disconnect. Dr Bhavin Patel from team of Dr Mehul shah is also very supportive for addressing issue post discharge. 100 % recommendation for this hospital for heart related treatment.

Saurin Kothari

Visited to Consult a doctor during this pandemic situation for heart related problem and received timely advise and very nice treatment too. They have Very Good Staff and doctor's team.

Pratik & Shaily Vasavda

I had taken my father aged 70 for angiography and it turned out he had a blockage in one artery. Dr. Tejas Patel and team promptly advised my family to go for angioplasty as it was the need of the hour. We kept faith in them and went ahead with the operation. Everything went well and the follow ups have also been great by the hospital. It didn’t feel like a commercial hospital we felt like a family member was taking care of us. I would highly recommend this hospital.

Nakul Patel

With a well-qualified and respected team of world class doctors Apex Heart Institute is like a 7 star heart hospital in Ahmedabad

Leena Shah

I was travelling to India for a wedding when I had chest pain. I consulted my physician in New Jersey and he suggested that if in Ahmedabad consult Dr Tejas Patel. My reports were done in Apex Heart Institute and I was advised angiography which showed 90 percent block in 2 arteries. My stem ting surgery was done by Dr Patel. I found him very calm and warm. His accomplishments in his field are sky high but his approach is down to earth. I would recommend him to my friends in USA

Praful Patel

After Dr Tejas Patel advises bypass surgery for my husband, we underwent the same at Apex Heart Institute under care of Dr Mehul Shah. Due to COVID situation we were scared of infection but due to excellent infection control policy he got discharged on time without complication. God bless Dr Tejas Patel

Mamta Jain

My father who is 80 years old was saved by Dr Tejas Patel sir last year with emergency angioplasty and stent surgery within 20 minutes which saved his life. We are more than happy to consult him for follow up and will always recommend Dr Tejas Patel and team of doctors at Apex heart institute.

Pravin Patel

Before I sought treatment at the Apex Heart Institute my heart health was in a serious condition. I had three blocked arteries; one at 90%, one at 95% and the other was 70% blocked. We live in Uganda and so accurate diagnosis and effective treatment was not available to me. As soon as I sensed some chest pain, I immediately had my ECG records transmitted to the Apex Heart Institute. I had also considered other options in South Africa, the UK & India. But following seeking the advice and opinions from close relatives who are doctors I became comfortable with the decision to get in contact with Apex. After deciding on my treatment and then going to India it only took 1.5 days to get booked in! If I had stayed in my own country I could have been dead by the time my treatment came!! And in reality it would have cost me four times as much! There was no time to wait - the heart has no preceding priorities! I just knew I had to do it! The treatment I received at Apex Heart Institute was absolutely excellent; I walked out on 3rd day and I was back in Uganda on the 8th day! I don’t know if my treatment would have different in my own country as I have nothing to compare it to - but I do know that the case studies I had heard were all very depressing. My aftercare now consists of me visiting India and the Apex Heart Institute every year for checkups. My advice to anyone suffering with a cardiac issue would be to seek help at The Apex Heart Institute from Dr Tejas Patel. For the not-so-knowledgeable-patients and as lay-persons, we don’t have many choices with our care and in reality we don’t even make important decisions about our health. We are guided by our family physicians or anyone we are related to that works in the medical world. This, for me, was a great decision that followed good advice. As we all know, while the skills of the doctor matter in medical treatment what equally matters is his interaction with patients. That’s where Dr Tejas Patel would score 10 out of 10 - on both skills and interaction.


I experienced chest pains and shortness of breath four or five times in the four months prior to my surgery. On the last occasion I decided to have it checked out – until then I had put it down to anxiety or stress as I was diagnosed with cancer last year. My cancer treatment is ongoing and I’d already had major surgery on my abdomen in London in following consultations with Harley Street doctors to remove some tumours. But I have around 14 metastases on my liver which cannot be removed and I am on monthly chemo in the form of an injection to control the liver tumours. But there had never been any indication whatsoever that I had any heart issues as my blood pressure was always stable, cholesterol levels always low and stable and I had been on statins for decades. When the results of my checkup indicated that I needed urgent heart surgery, I found it very stressful. I was in India already when it was found that I had the severe heart blockages. I had booked flights to return to London immediately with my wife and made an appointment to see one of the best cardiologists in London within 24 hours of my return to London. However, I took the blessings of my Guru – Mahant Swami Maharaj who said without a moments hesitation that I should not return to London – I should remain in India and Dr Tejas Patel and his team would look after me. I took this on board – cancelled my tickets and sought his assistance immediately. My family – my daughters and their family – all live in London and we needed support during the operation for my wife, who is in poor and delicate health, as well as post operatively to settle into daily life. In addition, as we have spent over 40 years in the UK, we are accustomed to UK healthcare and with private medical insurance – we are able to take advantage of treatment in top London hospitals with top consultants. We had sought treatment of a cardiologist at the Wellington hospital which has extremely good facilities in every manner. It was the blessings of my Guru and also the outstanding reputation that Dr Tejas Patel has, in addition to the level of comfort and assurances that Dr Tejas Patel gave me, that made me re-consider going to London for treatment. The care from Dr Tejas Patel was one that I have never experienced before and which confirmed to me that I should only have treatment for the heart blockages under his care. I have heard of the great work he has done for so many years – I had never had to seek treatment from him ever before nor has my family, but with the reputation he holds – there is no other doctor anyone would turn to when it comes to cardiac matters. It simply took one phone call to set up all pre-operative checkups and thereafter the surgery was booked in within a week. I didn’t even have time to make my UK care team aware of my situation as surgery was required immediately, however now that I have returned to the UK 3 months post-surgery – all the doctors who have reviewed my reports from Apex hospital and also seen me in person have confirmed Dr Tejas Patel and his team have done a great job with no disturbances to my cancer whatsoever; a great relief. They were very surprised that surgery was undertaken only one week after my first consultation with Dr Tejas Patel I have experienced care in the UK – for myself and my wife in recent years – for treatment of my cancer and for my wife – treatment of neurological issues privately and liver issues on the NHS. The NHS has incredibly long waiting times; an urgent MRI would take around a week to schedule and doctors can been seen (if you’re lucky) within 4 weeks. Privately you would see consultants within around a week and it would take 2-3 days to schedule tests and a similar timeline thereafter to receive results. In India it is all instant. You can have all tests and results done within less than 24 hours and see the relevant consultants in this time frame too. In my case – Dr Tejas Patel was travelling back to India from America when I was referred to him yet he reviewed my reports during his travels and spoke to me immediately upon his return to India! Who does that!? As mentioned above – there was exactly one week between my first consultation with him and the actual operation which was unbelievably efficient There were concerns raised by my UK consultant who is looking after my cancer as the cancer I have can cause weakening of the heart and other complications. Dr Tejas Patel looked into this immediately to put our minds to rest in this regard. In addition – during surgery, it was necessary for a drug to be administered for a couple of days in connection with my cancer so as to avoid ‘disturbing’ it – and although it is not readily available, Dr Tejas Patel made all the necessary arrangements without causing any delays to my surgery. I received round the clock care during my treatment in India – and whilst this is similar to the UK, it was the empathy given by the doctors in India which really made a difference. As mentioned previously, my wife has a delicate medical state and any stress can cause her to deteriorate; every nurse, doctor, even floor staff were caring in every manner to both mine and my family’s needs The treatment was a great success. I feel stronger and stronger every day. In May 2018 I had major surgery to my abdomen and I experienced a lot of pain and discomfort which lasted for months and months and this made me very anxious about heart surgery which I could only imagine as being worse by so many degrees. Whilst I had some pain for a few days post the heart surgery, I feel so much stronger with no discomfort. I am taking it easy but nobody can believe I had heart surgery only 3 months ago. One of my greatest fears was the removal of sutures and staples – again – in London – this took over an hour and had been horribly painful with a lot of bleeding. The removal in India – took less than 5 minutes with no pain at all – in fact I couldn’t even believe anything had been removed and the wound was completely clean After-care was very good – I had some moments when I was unstable post surgery but the doctors took care of it all. I was left so confident in everything they did – I never had to ask questions or make sure they were aware of my other medical issues – regardless of whether a new nurse was on shift or a different doctor came to see me. I had physiotherapists helping me multiple times a day. Whilst I had this care in London too – there were times when I would be told I would have a physio session but it would be cancelled at the last minute or I wouldn’t even be told it was cancelled. However, in India – I probably got more assistance and after care than I was ever told I would get and a lot more than I ever expected. Apex has comfort and care at the heart of their treatment – hygiene which is one thing I always worried about in Indian hospitals was top level and it made me think twice before ever questioning care in my home country ever again The fact that veins didn’t need to be harvested from my legs for the CABG was incredible and I have never heard of it before. Everything just feels so much simpler at Apex. Any tests that need doing, whether they are x-rays etc, are all carried out bedside instantaneously with results arriving without delay so that treatment could also proceed without delay. In London, even in the top hospitals, you are ferried around the hospital for various tests and have to wait a set amount of time for various test results – which would always be dependant upon availability of doctors / equipment / shift staff. This was totally not the case at Apex. For cardiac matters I would, without hesitation, tell anyone to seek treatment at Apex hospital. I ensured both my daughters – when they came to visit me during and after surgery, had heart checks with Dr Tejas Patel and I will ensure they continue doing so as the heart condition seems to be a genetic one. I feel like a new person! Hopefully we will be able to keep the cancer under control but otherwise – I feel fitter than ever!


I got the first initial chest pains in Uzbekistan and the severity of the pain was intense - I was in agony. However, after seeing my doctor the only diagnosis that I got was that it was a muscle pain and he prescribed me with some temporary pain relief for that day. Medical care in Uzbekistan is not very advanced and I had no confidence in the diagnosis or the in any suggested subsequent treatment. They did, however do an ECG on my heart and took bloods. But they still said that there was no medical issue to be treated, suggesting that I have a follow up ECG to be sure. I had that follow-up but as I wasn’t feeling the same pain at that point, there was nothing much to be done about it. But I was still not confident in their diagnosis and so I cancelled a business trip I was about to do to Dubai and instead contacted Dr Patel at The Apex Heart Institute. I had met Dr Tejas Patel previously as a Medical Representative and was aware of his expertise in the field of cardiac ailments and knew that he had treated more heart issues that any other doctor. His reputation an the reputation of his hospital in India was excellent and so I knew that he was my first choice for a proper diagnosis. I booked the ticket to Ahmedabad in India the very next day and sent my ECG reports ahead of me to be studied by Dr Patel. He said he would be ready for me as soon as I got to them and that my treatment would be a priority. My own doctors were advising me that a flight may not be a good idea, but after a telephone call with Dr Patel, it was agreed that I would be alright for the flight as long as I was currently in no pain. Once I was in India Dr Patel booked me in for an Angiography which he assured me would be a clear indicator of the real cause of the pain. Despite the diagnosis being ‘muscle pain’ back in Uzbek, Dr Patel was able to clearly see a blockage in my artery for which they decided a stent would be the best treatment. The care and the attention that I received at The Apex Heart Institute really was second to none. I know that I would never have received the same care had I remained in Uzbekistan. It was a huge relief to feel that I was in safe hands and that whatever was wrong with me could be sorted with Dr Patel’s help. Following the treatment in India, I have had to take some tablets ongoing and make small modifications to my lifestyle in order to stay in good shape. The total cost of the treatment in Ahmedabad, including my travel and flights, was ???. In my own country I would estimate that it could have been anything between 8000-10000 USD but even then, I am not confident that I would have been given treatment that was as thorough or as successful. If anyone asked me my advice on seeking treatment at The Apex Heart Institute, I would say that if they felt that their diagnosis didn’t fit with their belief that it might be something more serious, then there is nothing better that they could do than seek help from Dr Patel. He was life saver for me. If I had not travelled to India then God knows what would have been my destiny, or whether I would have got second chance to travel on time to India!


The senior doctors here well-experienced and intelligent and their team is also very cooperative and compassionate. Amazing services with extremely polite staff and hygienic environment around.


Got done angioplasty of mine there. Doctors, support staff, nurses, security, food, everything was very good.


Very nice and knowledgeable doctor. Dr Tejas Patel is wonderful human being and he is 100% perfect in his domain. Hospitals every department is well equipped & staff is well trained and cooperative.


Extremely good facilities created by Dr. Tejas Patel and his team, very good operation theatre, very nice way of serving the patients, staff behaviour with the patients is of A one quality, for patients as well as for relatives, from hospital canteen very good food available of very good quality. Patients suffering heart problems after getting treatment they go their houses with smiling face.


I do not have words to say how this Team of TCVS has added 11 Peaceful Years to the Life of my Mother with 'Classical Simplicity'. With Special Thanks to Dr Sanjay Shah and Dr Alok Ranjan (earlier part of this team).


Nice hospital and staff are very calm as well as helpful to patients and relatives of patients. This hospital is specially for heart and very famous location so easy to reach there. In this hospital other diagnosis is available and other doctor’s panel are here.


I personally visited Apex Heart institute recently. My mother was operated there & Mitral valve replacement surgery was done. Being Doctor my experience was superb Dr Tejas Patel & his team including Dr Mehul shah, Dr sanjay shay, Dr sonali patel are very good at their skills & nice human beings. Hospital staff & ambience is very good . I strongly recommend this institution for any kind of CARDIAC(Heart) care. I am very thankful to Apex team for their care


My sister and I being in the US, were taken back when we learned about emergency scheduled bypass for our Dad. That time, Dr Tejas Patel personally explained what to expect with the surgery before we left for India. His very kind and optimistic words gave us a lot of courage. The surgery was successfully performed by Dr. Mehul Shah led by Dr. Tejas Patel. We deeply appreciate the politeness and the prompt care provided by the entire team of Doctors and staff. The hospital is very well organized and meets very high hygiene standards ( beating the US hospital standards ). From the day one till the discharge, the warmth of doctors and staff made it a very homely experience. During our Dad's ten day stay at the AHI, we got ever smiling faces to meet and greet (including post stay follow ups) . The availability of doctors was exceptionally good. We will leave this country with very pleasant memories of our father's successful treatment at Apex. We will proudly promote the AHI and will whole heartedly recommend it to all friends back in the US suffering from heart problems.